Smartphones Causing Neck Injury?

You are probably one of these: a driver texting furiously on your iPhone while in traffic, a beach-goer hunched on your MacBook, or a traveler juggling your iPod, smartphone, and laptop. As technological advancements increase, gadget lovers are constantly texting and responding to emails wherever they go. The popularity of sleek, portable smartphones is resulting in novel kinds of overuse injuries. The smartphone has become one of the most integral and influential devices to human life in such a short period. Along with the development is the occurrence of a repetitive strain injury known as texting neck. Some of the best chiropractors in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada discuss what texting neck really is.

Bending the head and assuming abnormal postures while texting or replying to emails on a smartphone leads to aggravating muscle pain in various areas including the neck, shoulders, and the back. As a teen or an adult, you are bound to develop injury over a duration of time. The effects can be as worse as extensive muscle strain, pinched nerves, and disc herniation among others over an extended period. Chiropractors in Edmonton associate texting too much with hyperkyphosis, which is the exaggeration of the normal curvature of the upper back. A visit for advice from a chiropractor will give you more insight regarding the neurological, cardiac, and digestive complications among others that can reduce your lifespan.xray_image_during_texting

Sourcing help from the best, professionally certified chiropractors in Edmonton for your text pain issue, is a smart approach. No matter how minor your text neck pains are, you can get help from a biophysics chiropractor to address the symptoms as well as the group_of_kids_hunched_over_textingcause through working with your posturing and restoring the spinal arches with traction. A structural chiropractor will do so much in helping with restoring the proper curves. The sooner you visit a chiropractor, the easier it can be to fix the structure of your neck. You are guaranteed to feel much better as you also improve the quality of your life.

Chiropractors in Edmonton have helped a myriad of patients throughout Canada restore their spinal curves and posture from avert intensified deterioration and arthritis while improving their quality of life. It is recommended to complete appropriate exercises that you can do for only a few minutes once or twice a day. Neck pain should never be a status symbol, and finding help from a chiropractor will enable you to text and work in much safer postures. Take care of your neck and body as a whole, and do what you can to avoid text pain, including visiting one of the chiropractors for help and advice.

Best Options For Eliminating Body Art

As of 2014, a research has concluded that there has actually been a 42% boost in the amount of Canadians that want laser tattoo removal. As one would believe, the normal person(s) that would want their tattoo removed would be somebody that has had them for a number of years and they are now much older and regret getting it. However, there is actually a wide variety of ages and reasons as to which why a person desires to get rid of tattoos.

Many laser tattoo removals in Edmonton, Alberta are due to regretting ever getting the tattoo. Maybe they were young and picked out an outrageous tattoo that humiliates them now, or they are an entirely different person today and have no relation to the tattoo any longer. Some people get laser tattoo removal due to the fact that the tattoo represents things from the past that they do not want to remember or are involved with anymore.


When getting laser tattoo removal in Edmonton, there are a few elements to think about. The size, the color of ink utilized, and the place. The procedure of tattoo elimination has considerably enhanced throughout the years. This is another reason more people are removing tattoos. Initially, the procedure of removing tattoos was a gruelling one. Elimination would leave people with abrasions, burns, and scaring. Ways to eliminate the tattoo back in the day were treatments such as Sal abrasion – which is the rubbing of the location extremely hard with salt, sanding the tattoo after it was frozen, TCA – a treatment making use of acid on the area, and excision which is the surgical process of tattoo removal with a scalpel. As one can envision this would be a frightful reason to not get that unwanted tattoo removed.

Today, we have something much simpler and less painful, and that it laser tattoo removal. In Edmonton, the Q-Switched Laser is utilized. This is where the laser breaks down the particles in the ink. The ink is then broken into particles and taken into the body, eventually being excreted naturally. Laser treatment sounds excellent, but there are also threats involved in this. It is expensive and time consuming and the individual has to be completely dedicated to going through with it. But it is a much more reliable treatment that would have any individual that wants to remove a tattoo more excited to get it done.

For many in Edmonton, we like getting tattooed as an experience and something of one’s own choice and option. But considering the lives of the majority of people are ever altering and we all aren’t who we were when we got a tattoo, individuals will always be removing them for one factor or another and increasingly so. One ought to truly attempt and think about getting a tattoo and consider the future, whether it be years from now, or the day after getting the tattoo.

Here is a personal story from StyleDogg about his removal experience, plus his advice on tattoos in general.

Why Should I Use A Screen Protector?

If you have just bought a new phone the first thing you should acquire next is a glass screen protector, which will prevent your screen from scratching and help maintain the device for as long as possible, for example, for subsequent resale. There is a huge selection of accessories you can buy, such as mirror or matte films made of special materials. But be warned, there are so many brands out there, be sure to read the best tempered glass screen protector review you can find.

Antiscratch film – protection against scratches

This kind of protective film is made of thermoplastic polyurethane. This plastic film will protect your phone from scratches after accidental bumps and falls. But in order to protect the device against really strong shocks there is nothing better than tempered glass protectors.

Tempered glass – reliable protection against shocks and moisture

Tempered glass is more reliable. It has a harder structure, oleophobic coating, and is much thicker. Coating makes sure that no fingerprints are left on the screen. Despite this, the sensitivity of the sensor is not impaired and it is not necessary to press harder.

During testing this glass usually cracks on the edges, so it plays the role of a shock absorber and can save the screen even from a strong impact, and of course, after that it will be unusable. But the replacement of this protective screen will cost way less than the cost of a new phone.

How to attach a screen protector to your phone

It is better if a professional does the job but if you feel ready than you can do it yourself. Just trim it so it corresponds to the size of your tablet or phone. If there are no special holes for buttons and speaker than accurately cut them out. Before attaching, thoroughly clean the screen with a microfiber cloth and a little bit of soap water, then gradually stick it, starting from the top. All this must be done very carefully so the film or glass does not move in an unwanted direction.

Just watch how cool this is!!

Disadvantages of screen protectors

One of the most common disadvantages of tempered glass screen protectors is that they can change the feeling of using a mobile device. When touched they may feel more soft or sticky. They may also change the look of your device and the clarity of the image on the screen. This is particularly noticeable when the material is exposed to fading over time.

But it is easy to avoid most of these drawbacks by timely replacement of the screen protector.

The Biggest Android Phone Threats

Android Threat

Google Android has very quickly become comparable to Windows in the 90s – very fashionable. Not just with the application users but also the number one in usage with cyber crooks. The latest statistics indicate that the smartphone market share is now standing at over 60 per cent but sadly every day researchers are uncovering new malware strains that are designed to spy, steal and extort money from unwary users. Android phones can get contaminated by the established means like when the user has clicked on a malicious email link or on the numerous social networking websites; they open deceitful attachments or visit web pages that are infected.

Before getting into the threats, it should be noted that transferring your files off of your Android and doing a cleanse on your phone is one of the best ways to minimize loss the help of spy tracking devices for cell phones. A great resource about how to do a file transfer from your Android is this site;

Platform Problems

Malware is typically hidden within seemingly legitimate applications that are frequently designed to appear like free or cheaper versions of trendy software for pay such as Android phone mobile games, so as to lure the prey to download them. The predicament that comes with Android arises from the fact that anybody in any place can create an app that is freely available for downloading, even though that app is not through the Google Play official app store. Even worse is that unlike the tightly-controlled Apple App Store, any app may be uploaded into Google Play without many checks, such that malware also commonly emerges on the main site.

Top threats              

TrendLabs has identified the principal malware threats android phone user could face:

Premium service abuser: This secretly and automatically subscribes a user to premium rate services that are owned by cybercriminals.

Click fraudster: This will force the Android phone to be generating fraudulent search engine ads clicks, which generate money which goes to the hacker.

Data stealer: It will steal and then dispatch information that is on phone, probably from the calendar or your address book back to the cybercriminals. The criminals may then decide to use this kind of data for ID fraud, or even sell the information on the black market.

Spying: This may track the GPS data of the user, or permit the hacker to be able to turn on the mic on the Android phone or camera for eavesdropping on yourthreats conversations.


Remote access rooter: A kind of tool which allows the hackers to assume total control of the device, aiming at stealing your possibly very lucrative financial data, to spy, or to force the phone into carrying out additional tasks that are unknown to the owner.

Adware: More of an annoyance than being dangerous, it will force ads which are intrusive to be appearing on the Android phone hence generating income for the ad developer.

Android Phone Security Tips

It is advisable to be wary of those free apps and only employ the Android official channels for downloading apps. Also, avoid rooting or to jailbreak the Android device. Always be alert on permissions because any app that seeks to access more than it should from your phone could mean trouble. Steer clear of unsecured and free Wi-Fi access and most important; invest in good mobile security software.

Now here’s a great video that shows you some ways to avoid any sort of malware infection.